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ServicesSemiconductor Consulting

  • Expert consultant

  • Expert witness

  • Patent litigation

  • Circuits

  • Devices

  • Flash memory (NAND or NOR)

  • EEPROM memory

  • DRAM memory

  • SRAM memory

  • Manufacturing (Wafer Fabrication)

  • Processes (CMOS, BICMOS)

  • Chip Measurement

  • Analog technology

  • Digital technology


Ron Maltiel is a litigation expert consultant and patent expert witness with more than 20 years experience in all phases of design,  implementation, and consulting in semiconductor process, device, and circuit. He has worked in the semiconductor field in the development and production of various product types such as Dynamic Ram  Memory (DRAM), Flash Memory (NAND, NOR, EEPROM, HDD or SSD), Static Ram Memory (SRAM), Microprocessor, Logic, and Analog devices.

Ron holds more than half a dozen patents that have been cited more than 100 times. His patents cover varied areas of semiconductor device, circuit, process, and measurements.

Ron studied semiconductors at Stanford University graduate school and developed new semiconductor processes and devices at Intel, AMI, Advanced Micro Devices, and Maxim Integrated Products. He has served as an expert consultant and expert witness and is experienced in supporting patents and trade secrets litigation. He is also fluent in Hebrew.



Client Testimonials 


Jury members stated that Maltiel was a more believable expert witness than the opposing expert witness following  a successful decision in a recent multi million dollars litigation.


"Maltiel is diligent and enthusiastic about his assignments. We plan to use him again. "

"Ron is accessible, fast and accurate. He knows to ask the right questions and does a thorough, top-notch job. I would not hesitate to use Ron's services again."

"Ron is very professional and responsive. We will hire him again. He was great!"

Top(based on anonymous feedback provided from a clients survey done by www.prosavvy.com )




Semiconductor Patents Held: